The children’s tour

An exciting tour for the younger adventurers.

In a playful but safe way, the children will follow our guide on an unforgettable journey into the underworld. A tour on the children’s own terms.

The guide will meet you at the register, where this tour also starts. Equipped with flashlights, we make our way through the darkness of the film room and over to the cave’s entrance door. Throughout this tour, the children will interact with the environment in different ways. A very exciting and educational journey!

When: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 15.00 from 29/6
Age: 4 – 9 years
Participants: maximum 10 children
Duration: 25 minutes
Price: 100 sek/person

Adults wait outside. Exceptions will be made only if the child requires assistance due to physical limitation.

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Ticket prices

Adults: 190 SEK
4-12 years: 110 SEK
0-3 years: free